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When it comes to serving this community, nobody has more spirit than we do. See how becoming a University of Illinois Community Credit Union member can help you achieve your financial goals and make the most of your money!


U of I Community Credit Union helps you earn more with great rates on savings accounts and save more with competitive rates on all types of loans. Check out our current rates!


“The credit union’s commitment to people helping people is modeled from the top down. Our leadership team consistently makes decisions that help improve the lives of their employees. Not only do we have exceptional medical, vision and dental benefits, but those benefits are affordable to us! We also have a 401k program that allows us to share in the success of the organization.”

Amanda, Associate Director

“I feel like there is a reciprocal relationship between myself and the UICCU as an employer. I feel valued for my efforts. I feel truly cared for. I in turn care for my coworkers as I would my own family. I have never seen a better example of reciprocal caring between staff and the organization as a whole.”

Becky, Member Service Representative