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Why join U of I Community Credit Union?

When it comes to serving this community, nobody has more spirit than we do. See how becoming a University of Illinois Community Credit Union member can help you achieve your financial goals and make the most of your money!


U of I Community Credit Union helps you earn more with great rates on savings accounts and save more with competitive rates on all types of loans. Check out our current rates!


“I have had nothing but the upmost respect for the UICCU managerial and staff team. Since I became a member everyone at the two branches have always fulfilled my needs. If I had questions, they were answered professionally and all facts and needs were met. I have never experienced a negative situation. I know several employees at both this location and the location on University and Cunningham in Urbana (I do not go on campus) and everyone is top notch. I thank you for giving me an opportunity to explain my thoughts about the University of Illinois Community Credit Union.”

Grant Henry

“I like the Credit Union. The workers are very hospitable. The Credit Union is dependable plus fast and the quality is good. Love the UICCU Credit Union.”

K Rowell


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