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“As a member I was always impressed with how polite and friendly the staff was, no matter who I was dealing with. When I joined the UICCU staff I was pleasantly surprised to see that this wasn’t just a ploy to appease members but and actual attitude from every employee. I come in to work and every one I see always has a smile on their face and goes out of their way to inquire about your day and wish. Such a pleasant environment to work in.”

Rick, Service Center Representative

“Working at the U of I Community Credit is so different than any place I have worked in my past. I am not just a number, I am not just easily replaced like a robot. I get to be myself every day. Working for the U of I Community Credit Union is so much more than just a job. There is not a day that I get up and hate that I have to go to work. The Credit Union wants their employees to grow professional and they provide that opportunity every day for staff through committees, projects, Emerging Leaders and so much more.”

Eliza, Member Service Representative

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