Manage Your Credit Card

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Using Your UICCU Credit Card

We like to make things simple.  Learn how to get started, and get the most, out of your Illinois VISA® or UICCU credit card. You can find information on accessing your card account, making payments, the various services your card offers, and the current offers for the cards. Thank you for choosing UICCU!

Managing Your Card

Gaining access to your credit card account is the first step along the way.  After that, you can start viewing transactions, making payments, setting alerts, and more.  Get started today!

Mobile App Instructions

Our credit card mobile app gives you access to your account at your fingertips.  Check out our app guide to learn how to get started!

Card Services

You card comes with services that can help you save money, save time, or just enjoy more peace of mind with a higher credit limit. Check out how we can help today!

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Balance Transfer

Have balances on other credit cards?  Transfer your balance from another card and start enjoying our low rates today.

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Credit Limit Increase

Need a bit more wiggle room for life? We’ve got you covered! Apply for your credit limit increase today!


Digital Wallets

Digital wallets let you easily and securely make purchases with your credit card.  We offer Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay for your convenience.


Browse Rewards

Making purchases with the Illini VISA® Rewards card earns you bonus points.  Check out the different rewards available to you!

Current Cardholder Offers

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A Cash Advance Could Be Your Answer!

We know things can get a little tight around the holidays. Don’t forget that your UICCU credit card offers cash advances with no fees, no increased APR, and no hassle. Don’t be stuck without the cash you need this holiday season!

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