“Earlier this month I came to the Illini Union Credit Union to make a deposit. The staff and management is excellent, but I want to make a special call out to Alicia! She is efficient, detailed, and helpful each and every time! I really appreciate the service extended from the Union Branch! I always refer my friend to this location. Keep up the great work!

Becky Stansberry

“I had the pleasure of working with Becky Anderson back on May 7th, 2016. I came to the Credit Union looking to get a small loan to put a deck on my house. After speaking with Becky she told me I could refinance both of my vehicles at lower interest rates and add GAP Insurance to both, lower my payments, and get the money I needed to do my deck. I have dealt with other financial institutions and people but none have went out of their way to see if they could save me money at the same time helping me with my loan needs. Becky is truly an amazing representative for U of I Credit Union. I will ask for her from now on.”

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