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Loan Payment Calculator


How long will it take to pay off my credit card(s)?


How long will it take to pay off my loan?


Should I consolidate my debts?


How will extra payments affect my loan?


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Should I lease or purchase a car?


How much will my auto payments be?


Should I take a rebate or low-cost financing?


Should I accelerate my auto payments?


How much car can I afford?


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How much home can I afford?


Should I refinance my home?


How much of a down payment should I make on my new home?


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Comparing mortgages (i.e. 15, 20, 30 year).


What is the Loan to Value Ratio of my home?


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How long will it take to become a millionaire?


How long until I reach my savings goal?


How much should I save for college?


How can I save for a big ticket item?


How much will my CD be worth at maturity?


How do taxes and inflation affect my savings?


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How much will I need to save for retirement?


How much will I receive in Social Security?


I”m retired, how long will my savings last?


How much can I save with my 401(k)?


Compare Roth 401(k) and Traditional 401(k) retirement savings plans.


How much will inflation affect my retirement?