Here are some of the forms our members most commonly use. If you don’t see the form you need, please call 217-278-7700 or visit any of our branch locations for assistance.

For some forms, you will need the bank routing number and your account number. Here’s how to find them by looking at the bottom of your checks: SwitchKit

Account Information

Change of address


Change payroll direct deposit (for your employer)

Change automatic withdrawal (for organizations that withdraw from your account)

Close account at another financial institution

Courtesy Pay opt out 

Prepaid debit card application

Deposit by mail 

Cash & check disputed item form 

iBranch cross account transfer

Credit Cards

Balance Transfer – Printable Form

Balance Transfer – Online Form

Credit Card Application – Printable Form

Credit Card Application – Online Form

Credit limit increase

Set up automatic payments 


Employment application 


Make a loan payment from another financial institution

Skip-A-Pay Form

Set Up or Change Automatic Payments


“I have been a member since 1980, until the present I have brought car loans, mortgage loans, and personal loans. The staff have been very nice in helping what I needed and I don’t even think about going any place else. So thank you for giving me the kind of service that you have been giving me.”

Aaron T

“Yesterday, I got a weird phone call from someone stating that they were from my bank and wanted my account information. I hung up immediately and walked to the Union Branch (Illini Union) and Alicia helped me by checking my account information and assuring me that I shouldn’t answer those questions over the phone. She was quite helpful. I SO appreciate the crew at the Illini Union!”

Kelly W

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